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Me and My Smuggling Duds - Get Involved!

Wed, 10/17/2007 - 12:38 -- Ben

Submit funny, entertaining or just plain weird footage, pictures, songs etc… involving you and your smuggling duds. The best each month will win three pairs of duds. There will also be prizes given out when seen fit, for the effort or skill put into your entry.

If you’re a bit low on inspiration of what to enter, things like footage of you or your friend running through a busy street with just some duds on or jackass style stunts wearing just duds. If you’re thinking of doing a song just a cool rap or banging house tune mentioning "Smuggling Duds" would do. As for pictures something like one of you doing a sky dive in just some duds or even just some cool graphics you have designed and incorporated the SD logo.

Shaving the logo into your hair and send us the picture as evidence to automatically receive a pair of smuggling duds boxer shorts.


Any spam will be deleted!!!

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