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Smuggling Duds Tune Now Available on iTunes!

Wed, 12/10/2008 - 20:53 -- Ben

Ryan Galbraith is a fresh new house producer/remixer based in Newcastle upon Tyne – Currently signed to Miles Dysons Plasmapool Media (Germany) and Stereo Soul Records (Canada) with 11 records and two successful EP releases under his belt. Ryan has held several number one positions and numerous top 10 hits within the dance charts. Hoping for same success with a third six track EP forth coming on Plasmapool this December.

Ryan Galbraith (who was already an avid Smuggling Duds wearer) was approached by Smuggling Duds clothing brand to become involved in the production of a house record to market the brand and secure its position as leading urban fashion wear.

The record uses the vocal talent by Spuggy Fits rapping about the true nature of the SD brand as well as building on and reinforcing the “urban” signature.

The record was produced as a pounding electro house track with plenty of bass and deep kicks. Taking influence from drum and bass, break beat and hip hop the record successfully incorporates an urban sound while still capturing the underground club scene.

After production of the record it was tried and tested on the dance floor in the USA. The track was an instant success and was sharply signed to Stereo Soul Records along with an amazing remix by US (UK born) producer Lazy Rich – who turned the record on its head taking it to another level.

The Smuggling Duds brand has shown how versatile and connected it is to its true cause of sticking to its urban routes.

The Record is now available as a two track EP available on, and iTunes, to name but a few.


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