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Smuggling Duds and Durex Join Forces

Thu, 01/22/2009 - 14:04 -- admin

The two companies plan a joint campaign to help encourage safe sex. The Smuggling Duds pocket allows a cool and unique method for carrying your condoms. Let's admit that the ring shaped indentation they make on your wallet isn’t very stylish and can be a bit embarrassing (especially if your granny works the check out at your local supermarket).

There are four good reasons to use a Durex condom. The first and most obvious being sexually transmitted diseases which are becoming more and more common in the youth of today. Secondly is pregnancy which if not planned will either end up in you becoming a parent (scary), or an abortion that can be very upsetting. Thirdly it could make you look more caring and responsible to your partner which could mean you get some more. Finally it could help you impress your partner by making you last longer, this would definitely mean you get it more. If they're not good enough reasons I don’t know what are, so come on people play hard but safe!

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