“Slick” Nick Osipczak in Smuggling Duds again at UFC 112 Invincible! | Smuggling Duds

“Slick” Nick Osipczak in Smuggling Duds again at UFC 112 Invincible!

Fri, 04/09/2010 - 11:11 -- Ben

“Slick” Nick Osipczak continues to show his support of the Smuggling Duds brand by again sporting our stash boxer shorts at the UFC112 weigh ins. UFC112 is the first event to take place in Abu Dhabi and will also go in the history books for the first ever open air UFC. UFC 112 will be live on ESPN at 6pm Saturday 10th April.

Nick looks to keep his unbeaten streak alive as he takes on Rick “The Horror” Story at UFC 112. He should go into this fight full of confidence as his last prediction was pretty much on the money. He stated that he would “piddle on Riddle”, Matt Riddle was an unbeaten UFC favourite going into the fight but Nick did exactly what he said dominated the fight by neutralising Riddle's wrestling with strikes from the bottom, superior jiu jitsu & stand up, and eventually caused referee Mark Goddard to end the fight due to a series of unanswered strikes from the full mount position at 3:53 in the final round, including his infamous "helicopter punch" that first made an appearance in his pro debut in 2008. After winning the fight he performed a celebratory dance around the Octagon simulating a urinating motion, fulfilling his pre-fight promise to "piddle on Riddle".

For more info on Nick Osipczak check out his website SlickNickMMA.com or interested in training? Why not learn from the master himself at his teams gym New-Wave-Academy.com

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