Andre Winner and “Slick” Nick Osipczak get Their Duds Out At UFC122 Weigh Ins! | Smuggling Duds

Andre Winner and “Slick” Nick Osipczak get Their Duds Out At UFC122 Weigh Ins!

Fri, 11/12/2010 - 18:26 -- Ben

Smuggling Duds will yet again team up with their friends “Slick” Nick Osipczak and Andre Winner from the UK infamous MMA Team Rough House at the UFC122 weigh ins. Nick and Andre will be sporting designs from our new Deluxe Range, Nick going with the more in your face Queens Head design and Andre with the more subtle but just as unique Carbon Check. The weigh-in is fast becoming a big part of UFC tradition with lots of time, effort and interest being shown in them. Fans turn up in their thousands to the weigh-ins for a chance to see their favourite fighters make weight and do the all important final stare-down before battle commences the next day in the Octagon.

UFC 122 will take place in Oberhausen Germany this Saturday (03/11/2010) with a fight card that promises to excite and entertain. The third main fight of the night feature Andre who is taking on highly rated German striker Denis Siver in front of his home crowd, looking to upset the party in what promised to be a stand up war. Andre had this to say when asked about the fight "Obviously from the last fight I’ve got some pent-up aggression. A lot of people see me as the underdog in this fight and they expect Siver to beat me, so it’s really motivating me to go out there and just put a whupping on him.”

Nick is also taking on another top striker Duane “Bang” Ludwig in the Prelims, it has all the right ingredients to be a great match-up and get featured as a filler on the live card if we have a couple of early stoppages. In Nicks last interview on this fight he stated "I am going to tire him out in the first round. Use my strength and size and then I am going to knock him out in the second round."

For more info on “Slick” Nick Osipczak check out his website

For more info on Andre Winner check out his website

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