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James Mulheron UFC Glasgow Countdown Week 1

Fri, 06/16/2017 - 14:59 -- Ben

To get you hyped for his UFC debut on July 16th, we have teamed up with the man himself James 'The Juggernaught' Mulheron to bring you a 5 week countdown to the event!


''After only signing my UFC contract a few weeks ago, I'm still not sure it has actually sank in yet. It probably never will until I've heard the ring announcer shout mine and my opponents names on the night. It has been business as usual, putting in the rounds at Fitness 2000 over in Sunderland with some of the North East's finest, including Les Ojugbana, Phil Defries, Paul Cook and Daz Wardle, all pro fighters who have competed on some of the biggest shows in the world. I can't ask for a better group of guys to train with. This lot have been putting me through my paces for years and we've been working on all possible outcomes for Glasgow. I can't tell you how excited I am for July 16th.

The fans have been amazing, support really does help and all the nice messages totally motivate me even more. I've also been lucky enough to get some amazing sponsorship from companies old and new, including of course Smuggling Duds, Fight Store MMA, Caztec Electrical Contractors and Master Debonar tailors - check out my new suit! Move over Conor McGregor ha ha!''

Be sure show your support by following James via his Instagram account – instagram.com/JamesMulheron

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