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The North Sea Collection designs now available!

Tue, 10/31/2017 - 15:06 -- Ben

The North Sea Collection has our new bigger design patented stash pocket so you can keep more of your small valuable safe and comes in 4 unique styles with our England, Scotland, Viking and Pirate inspired designs.

The England design features the Three Lions and English Rose pattern with a St. Georges Cross on the right leg panel.

The Scotland design features the Lion Rampant and Scottish Thistle pattern with a St. Andrews cross on the right leg panel.

The Viking design features a Shield, Swords, Axes and Valknut (Odin's symbol to remember slayin warriors) grey pattern finished off with the red Raven that used to fly on the flags of the most famous Viking long ships.

The Pirate design features a Nautical Pirate inspired pattern in a blue colour finished off with some white Skull and Cross Bones.

You can get them individually for just £16 each or as a 4 pack for £50 saving £14.

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