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Clayton Road

Clayton Road is probably best summed up as an indie rock band with a dance edge to some of their songs. Headed by Michael Purvis who started in music about 10 years ago when he began to play the guitar. Michael then decided to do more with it by writing songs and forming a band. Clayton Road was a place where Michael used to live and recorded his first ever song, He thought the name was catchy, so I decided to keep it.

Clayton Road are currently working towards touring and already have a full album with a good mixture of material ready for release later on in the year. They also have a lot more tunes in progress, ranging from rock through to indie/dance, which will probably become the second album. The band like a lot of different styles of music and hate to be kept to one style, so they don’t, but would like to think all the music they do is catchy – no matter what the style!

"I would describe my sound as driving and energetic, dancey indie and more towards being melodic, rather that straight rock. i.e The Charlatans and The Stone Roses. And some of it has a Manchester sound like Oasis." - Michael Purvis

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