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Harry Vaulkhard (Touring Cars)

Harry Vaulkhard started racing cars at 19 in the UK SEAT Cupra Championship after many years racing motocross. Since he has raced in the British SEAT Championship, British Clio Championship, British Touring Cars (BTCC) European Touring Cars (ETCC) & World Touring Cars (WTCC).

Harry won the SEAT series in 2007, 2009 and was the first Chevrolet to qualify on the front row in BTCC since 1970's. He has also finished 4th in ETCC and won the Nations crown. In 2010 Harry Won independent the World Touring Cars Championship (WTCC) race at Monza and had several podium finishes in only a part season. He is planning to do some of the BTCC and some rounds of either the ETCC or WTCC in 2011.

“I like my Cars Fast, Woman hot and my beers cold!” - Harry Vaulkhard

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