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Steve Peat Syndicate

The Steve Peat Syndicate is a revolutionary concept for downhill mountain bike racers in the UK. The team is lead by none other than former world champion himself Steve Peat. The SPS is a great opportunity for riders of every age to enjoy the finest support, training and equipment, giving them the help needed to take their riding to the next level.

The Steve Peat Syndicate members don't have to be of an elite standard when joining but to have potential and a hard working attitude so the team can help them develop and mature as riders. It is a buy in team, that helps cover the running costs, supplies top quality equipment and priceless support through out the season.

The 2012 UK team includes -

Josh Lewis - Billy Matthews - Tristan Tunstall - Michael Vickers - Dale Russell - Ben Humphries - Freddie Oxley - Jack Read - Irvin Creighton - Glen Peppett - Matt Glynn - Nils Williams - Brad Swinbank - Alex Barker - James Swinden

"I am sure the SPS guys will be over the moon to be able to wear fresh duds, loads of styles to please the masses and even a stash pocket for those important little bits n bobs." - Steve Peat

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